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Organization of
Virtual events and
online live broadcasts

Ready-to-use decisions that you can trust. The organisation of webinars, conferences, master classes, corporate video meetings, business and educational events

Virtual events and
online streaming

Ready-to-use decisions that you can trust. The organisation of webinars, conferences, master classes, corporate video meetings, business and educational events

Use online streaming for
enterprise communications
and attracting customers

Effective budget savings and smart use of space with a virtual studio. Depending on the idea you can use pop-up screens, live animation on any surface, camera flying on any trajectory, designing the on-air with interactive 3D animation.
No hurry to cancel scheduled events - try to have them online!

A virtual environment without
using decorations

During a VCS you can see your audience in real-time and have a complete conversation without any loss of meaning. Much better than a phone, Skype, and Zoom. Decision-making starts quickly, acting effectively, and cancel your business trips already today.

There are 80% of real meetings easily replaced by a videoconferencing session

With professional sound equipment, the audience feels like they are in the same room with the speaker. The high-quality picture helps to hold the audience's attention and create top bloggers' and TV channels' picture.

AV technology can be more
than you can imagine

Thousands of people around the world, customers and partners from every country and region, on any device, will see your live streaming. This is an awesome way to promote your product or service and bring in new customers.

Engage an online audience

Please leave your number for a consultation. We will contact you as soon as possible
Organization of broadcast from several locations

We will provide continuous broadcast transmission with switching to different locations, broadcast from the scene, demonstration of pre-prepared videos or presentations.

Flawless adaptive image streaming, the best quality for viewers on all devices.

Real-time graphics integration

We have all the graphics integration capabilities to make your broadcast even more interesting and fun. Any presentations, video and audio intros, titles will also be seen by your clients.

he ability to titrate and place the logo on the broadcast. Speaker and presentation within one screen. Outputting a presentation with active participants. Individual broadcast graphics. Integration of advertising.

High quality sound

Live audio is more important than video because people often listen to streaming in the background. Desktop USB microphones, radio systems with lavalier microphones - for webinars, on-camera microphone gun for a conference room for a large number of people. We will use all the possibilities and find the best solution for your format.

Comprehensive technical support

The uninterrupted shooting of a live broadcast is one of the main conditions for entertainment for the viewer, therefore we use professional-grade equipment, select the optimal solution for your project, and provide comprehensive technical support at all stages.

Live broadcast from a quadcopter
We provide FULL HD 1080 60fps transmission of images from the drone to the director's console via HDMI cable. Unlike staged scenes, where different shots of one episode are filmed separately, and then technically edited, plans for a live broadcast are shot continuously with different cameras. During the broadcast, the director turns on the desired images from the drone on the air. For full coverage of broadcast and online events, we often use a combination of ground filming and spectacular camera angles from guided drones. Many tasks of a live broadcast can be solved with the help of a controlled drone.

Broadcast from multiple cameras in FullHD 1080p (4K)

You can order online broadcasting at an event of various formats: conferences, congresses and forums, sporting events, concerts and festivals.

We organize classic broadcasts for 2-3 cameras, as well as complex projects with a long preparatory period and the use of specialized equipment: camera cranes and trolleys, action cameras, wireless cameras, quadcopters and much more.

Providing high-quality streaming
to any size audience

Organising a combined
stream from several locations
Real-time graphics integration
Streaming with a few cameras in FullHD 1080p (4K)
End-to-end technical support
Live streaming
with a quadcopter
High-quality sound

Virtual studio

We can also film the broadcast using virtual studio technology. Special 3D collections of objects and scenes allow you to recreate the necessary location without the use of decorations.

Virtual decorations are many times less expensive than physical ones, and you can always edit them, change colours and textures. You can reproduce the interior of a well-known location or the exterior of any city. Also, we can use interactive elements, demonstrations and charts that the presenter will interact with, which will help to make the presentation even more interesting and engaging.
Tracking accuracy of camera movement provides maximum matching of virtual space with physical one, full identity of real characters and graphical reproduction of background objects.

Using a Virtual Studio, you can film full-fledged combined movies, clips, and high-quality promotions. For example:
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We respect deadlines and agreements. We will prepare the complete package of accounting documents. Choose a convenient payment method.

An official document of cooperation and a convenient payment system

You will save time because we provide complex technical assistance of the project on a turnkey basis using only modern technology and equipment.

The optimal solution in the shortest possible time

At your availability are interior locations and cycloramas. We have a standby line of internet and electrical power. We will make an away broadcast, or at your office.

Own locations

We help to solve all issues in the organization of online broadcasts based on our experience and the specifics of the project. Backstage recording, clip editing is optional. You will receive a broadcast recording as a gift.

Complex project support

We are trusted
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