Privacy policy

General terms

We have great respect for the confidential (personal) information of all persons without exception, who have visited the site and therefore we strive to protect the confidentiality of personal data ( information or set of information about the private person, who can be identified), thereby creating and providing the most comfortable conditions for using the site for each user.This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (named — the "Policy") sets the procedure for the implementation and processing of personal data, the types of personal data collected, the purpose of using such personal data, security measures to protect personal data, the requirements for access to personal data, also getting contact information for the user accessing, making changes, blocking or deleting own data and handling any questions that you may have about protecting personal data.

What personal data is collected on the Website?

Please note that the site is restricted to collecting a minimum amount of information, necessary only to fulfill the request of the subject of personal data. In any case, when unrestricted information is requested, the user will be notified about this.The website does not collect any information for which the law sets standards for processing, any information about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious, or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, convictions to criminal punishment for committing a crime, and data related to health, sexuality, biometric or genetic data (by Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "About Protection of Personal Data").The company collects statistics about visiting the website. The information may contain information about connections, traffic, the user's browser, the date, time, duration of work on the Internet, and stay on the website.

Interaction of the website with third parties regarding personal data

The website does not transfer personal data to third parties, unless such transfer is required by law, at the request of the subject of personal data or in other cases introduced in this Policy. Personal information is the value and inalienable content, including the moral rights of any individual, and therefore takes all possible measures to protect the personal data of users.The website may contain links to other websites (for informational purposes only). When you follow a link to other websites, this Policy will not apply to such websites. Therefore, the Company recommends you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and personal data of each site before transferring personal data by which you can be identified.

Confidentiality of the activity of personal data on the website

Information about the activity (traffic) on the website of users who move through the network or the user's email is protected by the law. We do not violate the privacy of the "activity" of the users on the website.

Protection of personal data

The website uses generally accepted standards of technological and operational security of information and personal data from loss, modification, or destruction. But, despite all efforts, the Company cannot guarantee absolute protection against any threats that arise outside the Company's regulation.The website guarantees the use of all relevant confidentiality obligations, as well as technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal disclosure, processing, accidental loss, destruction, or damage to such information and data.The website provides access to information and personal data only to authorized employees who have agreed to secure the confidentiality of such information and data by the requirements of the Company.Dissemination of personal data without the approval of the owner of personal data or a person authorized by him is allowed in cases determined by law, and only (if necessary) in the interests of national security, economic welfare, and human rights.

Change of Policy

Changes and additions may be added to this Policy from time to time and without previous notice to the user, and when the requirements of the law were modified.If the changes are important, the website will display notification of the start date of these changes. If in the specified period you do not decline them, it will mean that you agree with the equal changes to the Policy. We ask you to review the Policy from time to time to be aware of any changes or additions.

Privacy policy